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Robert Jan Simons

For more than 15 years, in various roles I have always been involved in change and transformation. I believe in integral. Meaning transformation and change only works when hard and soft are aligned and truly integrated.

Last 5 years, I have specifically been involved in change and transformation of IT organizations. Why? Because IT is crucial for every organization and increasingly so, but most of the time the IT Organization fails to meet expectations. To improve, the old way does not cut it anymore. IT needs an integral approach to successfully transform.

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Robert Jan  Simons

Robert Jan Simons
Opleidingsniveau: Postdoctoraal
Carrièreniveau: Directie
Functie: Partner
Werkzaam bij: UMBRiO
Bedrijfsgrootte: 5-10 personen
Omvang ict-afdeling: 1 t/m 4 personen
Branche: ICT

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