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Webinar: Day Two Operations Made Easy with VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid - Part 1

In this webinar we want to show you how TKG Integrated edition (previous VMware Enterprise PKS) can ease the start of your container journey

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Installing Kubernetes is only the start of your container journey. Next you need to keep your clusters healthy, have strategies for upgrading Kubernetes, you need to be able to deploy and scale Kubernetes clusters without downtime, apply security fixes, manage enterprise-wide clusters on-site + in public cloud and of all you want consistent Kubernetes everywhere with good visibility.

This can be a challenging task and that’s why In this webinar we want to show you how TKG Integrated edition (previous VMware Enterprise PKS) can ease these operations.

Operational challenges:
- Consistent Kubernetes everywhere
- Kubernetes model across data centers & Clouds
- Automate operations of multi cluster Kubernetes
- Keep workloads properly isolated where required
- Give developers secure, self-service access to conformant Kubernetes clusters (both private/public cloud)
- Offer isolation on the network level between different clusters (UAT/prod)
- Keep overview of the environment, with logging & monitoring

# Part One

- Tanzu Portfolio
- Breaking down Organizational Silos
- Consistent Kubernetes as a Service
- Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated Edition:
- Automated multi cluster operations / Kubernetes lifecycle
- TKGI on vSphere with NSX-T
- Storage & Backup
- Security
- Monitoring and Logging


- Dieter Hubau, VMware Tanzu
- Kristof Van Sever, Galagio
- Thomas Valgaeren, Galagio
- Jeroen Sterken, Galagio

Join us for Part Two with hands

dinsdag 30 juni 16:00 - 17:00
Online webinar
Online webinar
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