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Webinar - Monolithic Transformation: How Large Organisations Get Better at Software

The cliché we all recite is that technology isn't the problem, culture is. Put another way: if the hardware and software are fine and fresh, it must be the meatware that smells.

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Come hear several de-funking recipes from the world’s largest companies whose meat now smells proper.

Most large organisations struggle to deliver consistent, well-designed software to their customers. The usual schedule and budget delays persist and the resulting software is often lackluster at best. There are all sorts of tools and patterns like DevOps, lean product, and cloud-native that can make software better, but most organisations struggle to change the people side of the software stack.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss:
- How established organisations can learn to think of deliveries in terms of “products” instead of “projects”
- How DevOps and cloud platforms enable a product mindset
- The tactics and organisational structures that large organisations are using to improve their software

All of this is based on case studies and interviews with the world’s largest organisations over the past five years, with each point grounded in real-world examples and experience.

donderdag 16 mei 10:30 - 11:30
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