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Java for Testers with Alan Richardson

Creator of the Java for Tester method; Alan Richardson will teach you how to use your knowledge and expertise as a tester to work in and control every Java library!

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Without turning into a developer, you will soon be able to work with all kinds of tools, from Selenium Webdriver to Fitnesse.

The method Java for Testers is, like the name implies, made for testers. All the training material is based on tests, you will be working in test environments, and there will be a special focus on the software testing proces.

At the end of the training you will have learned the skills to program in Java, and experimented with simple automation examples. You will have a good base of knowledge to take forward and start automating in your workplace e.g. reviewing unit tests by programmers on Java projects and contributing to unit and integration or System tests written in Java.

maandag 16 april 09:00 t/m dinsdag 17 april 17:00
B. Amsterdam
€1495,- (excl. BTW)
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020 200 90 96

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