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Barracuda introduceert Message Archiver 150


Security appliance leverancier introduceert de Barracuda introduceert Message Archiver 150.

Dit meldt Barracuda in een persbericht. Barracuda wordt gedistribueerd BlackIP, Barracuda Networks Distributor voor Nederland. Hieronder het Engelstailge persbericht:

Barracuda Networks Inc. today launched the Barracuda Message Archiver 150 for small businesses. Capable of supporting up to 75 users, the Barracuda Message Archiver 150 is priced at $1,999 with no per user fees, making it the most affordable email and IM archiving solution available for small businesses today.

In addition, the full Barracuda Message Archiver product line now features Exchange stubbing for optimization of email server resources. With Exchange stubbing, administrators save email server storage and bandwidth requirements by moving email attachments from Microsoft Exchange to the Barracuda Message Archiver.

"The adoption of email and IM archiving technologies has grown beyond litigation and compliance concerns and extended to solving practical, operational problems," said Stephen Pao, vice president of product management for Barracuda Networks. "With new capabilities focused on optimizing storage efficiencies and a new model targeted at smaller organizations, we believe we are well-positioned to expand the market for email and IM archiving."

Exchange stubbing for server optimization
With Exchange stubbing the Barracuda Message Archiver connects to Microsoft Exchange servers to find emails with attachments that match policies, including attachment size and message age. For emails that match the policy, the Barracuda Message Archiver copies the messages and removes the attachments from the email server, replacing the attachments on the email server with hyperlinks, or "stubs," to the attachments on the Barracuda Message Archiver.

The Barracuda Message Archiver Outlook Add-in ensures that the attachment is handled correctly when stubbed emails are accessed or forwarded to another user. The add-in retrieves the attachment and places it inline, ensuring that email messages and attachments appear as they would prior to Exchange stubbing and that the end user never has to leave the email client to retrieve the email attachment. For users who do not have the Barracuda Message Archiver Outlook add-in or when users are accessing stubbed email from Outlook Web Access, mobile devices, or other email clients the formatting of the stub ensures that attachments are still available through a simple hyperlink.

"With Exchange stubbing, administrators can also realize the benefits of efficient storage management and compliance satisfaction, without disrupting the ease of access that the end user expects when looking for an email or its attachment," added Pao.

Pricing and availability
Barracuda Message Archiver 150 is available now starting at $1,999 with no per user fees. International pricing and availability varies depending on region. Exchange stubbing is available with firmware version 2.0 at no additional charge to current and future Barracuda Message Archiver customers. For more information, please visit

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