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Unique Hardware EUCIS lanceert Crystal USB notebook loudspeakers


Unique Hardware EUCIS lanceert de Crystal USB notebook loudspeakers. Deze zijn binnenkort verkrijgbaar in Nederland.

Unique Hardware EUCIS AB, Sweden introduces their "Crystal USB" notebook loudspeakers to the Dutch market. Named after their creative design, Crystal USB Speakers are the world's smallest HiFi USB Loudspeakers. Based on patented Humming Port (HUMP) technology and zeroV enclosures, the speakers deliver HiFi sound of audiophile quality.

Crystal USB speakers do not require any external power. They get power and digital sound from the USB port of your computer. Compatible with PC & MAC. The Crystal USB loudspeakers are tiny and can easily slip into your notebook bag. This allows you to take quality sound anywhere. The eye catching Crystal design will enhance the look of any computer.
Crystal USB loudspeakers give you a very convincing stereo image. The positions of all sound sources are clearly defined and all frequencies of each source appear to come from a single point. The speakers are designed to be used at close range such as in front of a laptop.

Considering the sound quality, design and the innovative technology, the Crystal USB speakers are among the most affordable USB loudspeakers available on the market. In Sweden and Norway Crystal USB is distributed by Apple Premium Reseller stores. We are currently working on establishing similar distributing channels in the Netherlands. Meanwhile Crystal USB is available by mailorder. List price 49 USD + VAT.

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